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Nakshatra Digital is an digital company situated in the business hub of Lalitpur, Kupondole. Our company specializes in the field of digitizing personal or corporate space. This includes surveillance systems, digital video boards to various home automation systems. Nakshatra Digital was established with the vision of minimizing the need of daily iterative processes. After all why not utilize our valuable time for better moments in life.

What We Do

CCTV & Surveillance System

Biometric Attendance & Access Control System

GPS Tracking System

RFID/ Mobile Motorized Gate Control System

Water Tank Management

Video Door Bell Integration

Street Light Management

Mobile Unlocking Door System

Mobile/ Voice/ Sunlight Controlled Curtains

Staircase Sensor Lights

Corridor Sensor Lights

Home Automation Management

Sectors We Work

Hotels & Restaurants

Malls & Shopping Centers

Bank & Financial Institutions

Educational Institutions

Airports & Bus Parks

Medical Sectors

Corporate Offices




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We not only work ourselves but help you understand what we are doing and what for. The experience and insights we give while we do our work shall be great for you to maintain your system and equipment for longer duration

Nakshatra Digital takes commitment to quality as a huge and serious responsibility. This requires huge deal of excellence and commitment that is why we hire and deploy only the best to do the job.

The price we are charging our beloved customers and clients are based upon two questions. How and Why? We have carefully determined the price point of our services asking ourselves how is this costing this much and why is it costing this much. After this we are convinced that our price is a great price in the market. Our value based pricing keeps you in satisfaction which is the ultimate motive for the company.

Modern technology has paved the way for multi-functional devices like the smartwatch and the smartphone. Computers are increasingly faster, more portable, and higher-powered than ever before. With all of these revolutions, technology has also made our lives easier, faster, better, and more fun. To incorporate this into your daily life we have a whole lot to offer you which is made to make your life more easier and more fun. From voice controlled systems to automatic gate controls. Everything now can be in your fingertips being associated with us. We should keep this thing in mind that smart technologies don’t make us lazier, it gives time to appreciate more important things in life.

With the access to latest technology being easier day by day it is no new thing for customers wanting all those latest techs and gadgets for their homes and offices. But what everyone needs to know is that just integrating everything is not the answer. What you require is thorough inspection and examination. This helps not only fulfills your needs but prevents you from any unneeded systems. If it is an absolute necessity we would just be a call away.

How We Work?

Inspection and Analyzation

Before starting any work we suggest you to have a sit down talk with us about all your needs and wants. We inspect and analyze all the discussed parameters & circumstances and proceed further to offer you with the best digital solution. During the Inspection and Analyzation process, we want you to explain the scenario as clear as crystal. This not only cuts half of unwanted things, also gives you the best value for money.


We plan for the best suited technology based on the obtained datas after the Inspection and Analyzation process. Once we have figured out what your actual needs are, we present you with the plan that fits your needs.


After all the things are planned based upon your needs, wants and budget then we shall head to the development phase where our talented and hardworking engineers and technicians give their 100%. 


Execution is the most crucial part of this process where we have to undergo different serious issues. Implementation of above generated results should be done with a level of perfection. And by this you get your digitization complete.

Above discussed methodology is a very crucial part of problem solving and it is time demanding as well. This may take some hit and trial approach during the planning and development phase, so we request you to have patience.

Trusted by the best

Technology really enables us to do things GREATER than what we were able to do before.


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Our top skilled manpower will get you in shape. Get the perfect fit with the digital system you’ve always dreamed about. 

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