Nakshatra Digital is an digital company situated in the business hub of Kupondole, Lalitpur. Our company specializes in the field of digitizing personal or corporate space. Nakshatra Digital is an electronics and software company that aims towards digitization of homes, offices, and cities with the help of technology. This includes surveillance systems, digital video boards to various home automation systems. Today in the fast-moving world, we expect everything to be instantaneous from services to entertainment and many more.. Everything today is being done with the use of technology. Nakshatra Digital was established with the vision of minimizing the need of daily iterative processes. After all, why not utilize our valuable time for better moments in life. 

Nakshatra Digital today has been dealing in a multitude of areas. From security to entertainment to content delivery, we are ready for all types of challenges. CCTV cameras, LED Display Boards, Smart Boards, Access Control systems, GPS Technologies, Office Accessories, and corporate software, we have them all. 

Talking about our corporate structure, Nakshatra employs highly talented individuals. From our engineers to our technicians all are well trained and carry out the work such that it reflects the company’s values and mission. In this competitive marketplace customers, partners and clients will definitely see us as a leading digital company. What separates us from others is our work where we go through all the detailing to match your necessity ( & even more) to make our clients happy. After all, when a customer smiles, a company shines.

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Ranging from home to office, we can assure you that once you come to us, you will find all the solutions to your digital needs. We make all those boring works get handled by technologies. 

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Inspection and Analyzation

Before starting any work we suggest you to have a sit down talk with us about all your needs and wants. We inspect and analyze all the discussed parameters & circumstances and proceed further to offer you with the best digital solution. During the Inspection and Analyzation process, we want you to explain the scenario as clear as crystal. This not only cuts half of unwanted things, also gives you the best value for money.


We plan for the best suited technology based on the obtained datas after the Inspection and Analyzation process. Once we have figured out what your actual needs are, we present you with the plan that fits your needs.


After all the things are planned based upon your needs, wants and budget then we shall head to the development phase where our talented and hardworking engineers and technicians give their 100%. 


Execution is the most crucial part of this process where we have to undergo different serious issues. Implementation of above generated results should be done with a level of perfection. And by this you get your digitization complete.

Above discussed methodology is a very crucial part of problem solving and it is time demanding as well. This may take some hit and trial approach during the planning and development phase, so we request you to have patience.

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Maximizing Your Sales

Are you willing to experience a better living with smart digital products and services? Are you ready to accelerate your business using smart digital tools? 

Then contact us, we will provide you with the technology that fits your need.