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Invest In Your Walls

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If you’re a building owner, you know that any opportunity for profit needs to be capitalized on. Every investment of yours should be towards how to use each and every part of the greatly desired space you have. And those seemingly plain walls of your building could become an invaluable asset as potential advertising space.

Selling advertising space to various brands, companies and businesses, generates extra income that will pay back your original investment and some more in no time. You can display endorsements at locations with heavy foot traffic that catch people’s interest  from various social media platforms, websites, brands or restaurants.

While print billboards may seem like the only option for advertising, they can only show one thing, losing its impact after a very short time. Unlike print advertisements that we only glance at shortly, colorful graphics that light up a massive area compel us to look at them. Digital Video Displays reach a larger audience through visually outstanding graphics, and are able to broadcast any advertising, video or information in public, private, corporate or entertainment spaces.

Smart business owners are quickly adapting their operations into digital signages as a customizable form of publicity that guarantees that the message is reaching its target audience. As technology seeps into our everyday lives, the natural progression of incorporating the benefits of digital signages will be a huge financial advantage to you.

Unlike conventional print advertisements that we’ve all seen get worse overtime from tearing, faded unattractive colours, and just… looking old in general from weather and sun damage, Digital video displays guarantee only the best of the best. High quality moving visuals, attractive graphics with stunning vibrant colours; they are designed to be active for long periods of time, thus ensuring durability, color consistency and longevity.

Although the initial investment may seem higher than print advertising, long term savings of completely cutting out printing costs are much higher. A completely new print run and manpower are required every single time for their replacement. With Video displays however, pictures and videos can be adjusted at any time and can support the latest content many times a day, with no downtime, through local or remote access, without having to employ more manpower. This feature is especially useful during holiday shopping season when companies want to promote various sales or for Dashain and Tihar sales.

Digital signages are showing up everywhere nowadays; in stores and malls, at events, public transportation, restaurants, schools, and various institutions. Along with the large LED display at the United World Trade Center that gathers so much attention, you might have heard about the recent addition of the biggest curved LED display at the newly constructed Durbarmarg Mall as well. 

With how much attention they receive, digital signages are taking over so including LED Displays into your revenue stream is the smartest choice you can make, and here at Nakshatra Digital, we can help you make that choice. We offer free counselling sessions, services and various resources that can help you get the best quality LED display for your building at an affordable price.

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